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In addition to the Management and Dancers at the Christmas table, fragrant spruce and gingerbread, sat friends and the former dancers of “Wielkopolanie”. Participants of the meeting to the sound of the band sang traditional Christmas carols and pastorals, which they have of their repertoire.

Thanks for the whole year of work for all submitted Piotr Kulka, who summed up the greatest achievements  of “Wielkopolanie”.CHRISTMAS EVE

The year 2012 abounded in lots of performances. Wielkopolanie during that year gave more than 270 performances, dancing and singing in Poland and in the world.


For the outstanding achievements Folk Group “Wielkopolanie” received on 14th of December the Certificate “The Best in Poland” and very prestigious award Hippolytus Statue, awarded from the most demanding jury-consumers.

After sincere thanks all participants shared their Christmas Eve traditional wafer.CHRISTMAS EVE

People wished to each other  stay of the good health, success in school and in universities, love and…….

Traditional polish carols and pastorals in Fort Colomb resounded through many, many hours.

On the occasion of Christmas we wish you:
Magical moments, the warm family atmosphere
at the traditional Christmas Eve’s table
Let polish carols and pastorals resound around.
Christmas which will give you a lot of joy and rest.
And the most important the hope in the New Year
which may be better than the previous one.
                                                      Management and Dancers
                                                          Folk Dance Group

                                                                                                                                                                     PK tł MO

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