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CHOPIN ON POINTS, HEELS AND HIGH HEELSTo participate in the concerts “Chopin on points, heels and high heels” Folk Group “Wielkopolanie” have been invited by Mrs. Teresa Nowak, leader of this project. Under the patronage of the Ministry of Culture aCHOPIN ON POINTS, HEELS AND HIGH HEELSnd National Heritage, “Wielkopolanie” danced in the month of March in Poznan, presented in May in Poznan and Suchy Las, in June in Pila, and in September have completed a  series of concerts in the Cultural Center of Poznan Castle. The main objective of the project was to attempt to dance Polonaises, Mazurkas and Etudes composed by Fryderyk Chopin in various dance techniques by Poznan artists.

“Wielkopolanie” have danced Polonaise to choreography by artistic director of the group Mr. Leszek Rembowski. Performance has included dance figures found in nineteenth-century salons contemporaries of Chopin and his music. In addition, the dancers presented the noble scenes from “Pan TaCHOPIN ON POINTS, HEELS AND HIGH HEELSdeusz” book. It must be admitted that in combination with Chopin Etude, it has produced a great impression on the audience. In concerts, also participated “Zespół Plastyki Ruchu”, Hip Hop CHOPIN ON POINTS, HEELS AND HIGH HEELSPoznan Formation Yatey, Ballet School students of Olga Sławska-Lipczyńska; Soloists: Szabolcs Esztényi, Ewa Rubinowska, Stanislaw Stoiński – piano, Tadeusz Sudnik – live electronics, Maciej Rychły – ethnic instruments, Paulina Golak – classical dance, and others; choreography for concert written by: Marcela Hildebrandt-Pruska, Krystyna Frąckowiak, Kornelia Kowalska, Teresa Nowak, Leszek Rembowski, Ryszard Baranowski. Project leader – Teresa Nowak.

We invite you to the next year series of concerts with “Chopin on points, heels and hight heels”

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