25 / 01 / 23

Carols singing!

tancerki w strojach szlacheckich

Christmas time is a time full of peace, joy, love and family gatherings. This is also the time when the Folk Group “Wielkopolanie” departs from the standard repertoire for a moment and presents an artistic program unique for this part of the year, celebrating Christmas with the most beautiful polish carols and pastorals.

In the months of December and January, “Wielkopolanie” performed at 12 concerts of Christmas carols and pastorals in churches, institutions and events throughout the region of Wielkopolska, during which, together with the audience and organizers, they created an atmosphere of peace and joy, which then everyone took to their homes.

The repertoire included the most famous Christmas carols, such as: “Przybieżeli do Betlejem…” or “Gdy się Chrystus rodzi…”, but to the delight of the listeners, the Folk Group “Wielkopolanie” also performed less known pastorals from many regions of the country, including Wielkopolska. In addition to the standard composition of the band in the form of a violin, double bass or accordion, participants could also hear the sounds of Wielkopolska bagpipes, goat or tied up violin.


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