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 On Epiphany feast day CAROL TRAM WITH „WIELKOPOLANIE”Folk Group “Wielkopolanie” invited residents of the city of Poznan and its voivodeship to the common caroling in Poznan histCAROL TRAM WITH „WIELKOPOLANIE”oric tram.
With the support of MPK (Polish: Miejskie Przedsiębiorstwo Ko
munikacyjne) and “Klub Miłośników Pojazdów Szynowych” “Wielkopolanie” launched celebrations of 50th anniversary of the group with a Christmas carols concert. The tram traveled twice from the stop on Zeyland street and circulated on the route of tram No.2.

Members of “Wielkopolanie“ were quite surprised by the number of people participating in the concert.CAROL TRAM WITH „WIELKOPOLANIE”

The most beautiful Polish carols and folk pastorals were eagerly sung by the crowd of gathered Poznan citizens. Attending townsfolk had the opportunity to sing a carol of their choice along with the choCAROL TRAM WITH „WIELKOPOLANIE”ir and musicians from Folk Group “Wielkopolanie”. For all the bold to do so group prepared surprises. Festively decorated tram resounded with joy on the streets of Poznan until late afternoon.

That day “Wielkopolanie” began their anniversary celebrations, which will last until November, in which a jubilee concert will be held. 50 years of history is not just five decades of popularization and cultivation of Polish folklore, but it is also a great story written every day by thousands of people. This unique event requires a special setting. Throughout the 2012 “Wielkopolanie” will be attached to lots of attraction, plenty of events and concerts.

During the jubilee celebrations Folk Group “Wielkopolanie” will support „Dar Szpiku” – Anna Wierska Foundation.

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More photos at the mmpoznan.pl web portal

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