04 / 03 / 16

BAMBRZY at Jezyce

Polish tourist and touring society on Saturday morning 20.02.2016 had invited Poznan’s citizens for a very uncommon walk. Together with folkloristic ensemble Wielkopolanie inhabitants had opportunity to walk through Jezyce district which is old place where Bambrzy used to live.

Bambrzy were German people from Bawaria region that were invited to Poznań to help rehabilitate after war that destroyed large part of a city. They obviously brought their own couture and tradition that mixed with Polish habits- this mix of Polish and German culture we can see up to present days-. Route of walk wasn’t too long but full of attractions- costumes, food, tradition of old citizens are just a few things that people from Poznań had experienced. Dance ensemble Wielkopolanie presented to the enormous audience traditional costumed from past age. The most spectacular is Kornet- special coif for single ladies that contained hundreds of flowers, ribbons, feathers and baubles. For married woman other cap was reserved. Girls from Wielkopolanie Group presented special coif that had been worn just by richest married woman which was made of gold. This kind of head cover was worn only on special occasions few times in a year. Saturday walk will last in a memory of Poznan citizens for a long time moreover Wielkopolanie folklorist group together with Polish tourist and touring society is preparing next walk to show people culture and tradition of Great Poland region.

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