28 / 02 / 18


From February 5, the dancers went on another educational tour in the field of Bamberg Poznańskie culture and the Kozioł Region. Passing over 1500 kilometers, the dancers visited 17 centers of education and culture in the Wielkopolskie and Dolnośląskie voivodships.

With folklore from Wielkopolska, min. Rydzynie, Leszno, Kościanie, Poniec, Żmigród and other cities and villages. The concert program included cheers, ancestors, walcerki, round and tyrolinki, as well as singing and native music for the region’s dancers. Particular attention was attracted by the beautiful costumes of Wielkopolska, which were described to the participants of the concerts with due diligence. Cornets, bonnets, orifices, which magnificent dresses were extremely popular with the viewers, they could learn how to sew and prepare individual elements of clothing, they could touch them or even wear them. Over 1,500 listeners, both children and teenagers, had the opportunity to see the diversity of Wielkopolska folk culture in costume, dance and music characteristic of individual subregions. Young spectators also had the opportunity to see and listen to a wedding goat, a traditional instrument playing in the area of ​​western Wielkopolska so-called. Kozioł region. The concerts conducted by Piotr Kulka for the elders were in the form of lectures, in which, apart from presenting dances and music, their history was also discussed, for the youngest they took the form of a fairy tale.


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