24 / 09 / 19

Bagpipers Tournament

Wielkopolska  Bagpipers Tournament is an event that has permanently grown into the calendar of cultural events in the Wielkopolska region. This year, for the 50th time, it has been saving from oblivion the extraordinary beauty of baggpipes music and brings with it values ​​that make Wielkopolska stand out among other cultures of other regions and not only European but also world nations.

The first Tournament of Wielkopolska Bagpipers took place in 1970 in Gołębin Stary (today Stary Gołębin), in the Czempiń Commune. The idea that guided the organizers at that time was to work to save the bagpiper’s legacy and preserve a compact, traditional bagpiperspiper’s environment. Over the years, the Wielkopolska Bagpipe Tournament also lived up to its attributes. On the occasion of the 10th Tournament, the first monument dedicated to the duo band was unveiled in Stary Gołębin. They were two monumental – nearly three-meter high – figures depicting the characters of a piper and a violinist. Another interesting event related to the Tournament was the Holy Mass for the Dudziarska Brothers, which, for the first time on the occasion of the XXIV edition of the event, was celebrated in the historic, wooden parish church in Stary Gołębin. Since then, “bagpipes masses” have entered the program canon of subsequent Tournaments. Over time, the very form of this pagan festival has also evolved, which has survived to this day: playing the monument of the piper and violinist, a pageant to the church among rural buildings and of course a solemn mass, adorned with baggage music, followed by a traditional tournament.

This year’s jubilee 50th edition of the Tournament was attended by: Marcin Żarnecki from Nowy Targ – presenting bagpipes and pastoral pipes, Kapela Dudziarska “Koźlary”, the band of the House of Culture in Stęszew, Kapela “Swojacy” from Moszczanki, Kapela Koźlarska PSM Zbąszyń, Kapela Dudziarska from Bukowiec Górny, Kapela Dudziarska ,, Sokoły “from Kościan, Kapela Dudziarska of the Regional Band Chojnioki from Chojna, Kapela CK Zamek from Poznań, Bagpiperąs Band SZOK Szamotuły and Kuźnia Tradycja Provincial Public Library and Center of Culture Animation in Poznań.
Forge of Tradition, which was established in the Folklore Group “Wielkopolanie” in January 2019 out of passion for folk culture of Wielkopolska, presented the skills of three students: Paweł Zawadzki and Piotr Górecki, who achieved significant successes:
Fryderyk Jankowski – III place in the category of Augustus
Wojciech Ozóg – distinction in the category of porcupines
Jagoda Pawlak – award in the competition master (Piotr Górecki) – student and admission to the brother’s brothers.

It should be added that the students played instruments made by authentic folk artists.
Teachers operating in the Forge of Tradition: Paweł Zawadzki (violin bound) and Piotr Górecki (bagpipe) competed during the Tournament in the category of traditional bands, taking second place.
Baggage traditions, which were added to the list of intangible cultural heritage in 2018, form a community centered around the aforementioned element of traditional culture. Among them should be distinguished both individual musicians (pipers, goers, violinists, clarinetists and singers) as well as members of regional bands and bands, representatives of associations and cultural institutions active in the field of popularization and animation of the mentioned musical traditions. It is thanks to them that the instrumental culture of Wielkopolska lasts, and looking at the involvement of children and young people, it can certainly be said that it will continue.

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