06 / 12 / 22

An evening of divinations!

uczestnicy bawiący się na parkiecie

“Andrzejki”, an evening of divinations happening on St. Andrew’s Eve, is an opportunity to organize the last grand parties before the beginning of Advent. In the past, St. Andrew’s fortune-telling had a matrimonial character and was intended only for maidens. The equivalent of this holiday for bachelors was “Katarzynki”. Divinations were performed individually in order to maintain secrecy, and over time they took on a collective form. Nowadays, both Andrzejki and Katarzynki have become a form of fun for both girls and boys.

St. Andrew’s Day ends the usual period in the liturgical calendar, and the first Sunday after this holiday is the first Sunday of Advent, i.e. the time of forbidden games, and these traditions are maintained by the Folk Group “Wielkopolanie”, organizing an evening of fortune-telling every year, which they spend with their friends and acquaintances. This unique evening has magical power and this is what the Council of “Wielkopolanie” introduced its guests during this year’s meeting entitled “Lost in Time”. Therefore, guests dressed as characters from both the past and the future came to the meeting.

For the guests of “Andrzejki” by Folk Group “Wielkopolanie”, artists prepared not only numerous oracles, but also competitions in which everyone could demonstrate their physical fitness and historical knowledge. There were dance and music competitions. As a reward, everyone could win a small gift prepared by the organizers of the party.

This year, in the competition for the best costume, chosen by the dancers of “Wielkopolanie”, the winner was a lady dressed as a landline telephone and a man dressed as a Viking.

There was no end to divination, competitions and fun.


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