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ALL-YEAR-LONG WORKSHOPS FOR TEACHERSFor many years the Teacher’s Training Centre, together with Folkloristic Group “Wielkopolanie” organizes Polish folklore courses for school teachers from Wielkopolska region.
However, this year’s course is unique. Since October has begun year-long workshops on Polish culture and particularly on the national ale regional dances. During the meeteing, which take place in the Elementary School No. 77, teachers will learn Wielkopolska’s dances and games, “tańce rozbarsko – bytomskie”, from the vicinity of Warmia and Krzczonów and national dances such as: Polonez, Krakowiak and Oberek.
Teachers will also have the opportunity to learn about the free technique, the methodology of working with children and youth and will have the opportunity to learn the principles of building choreography and the transfer of folklore to the stage.

During the first ten hours of meetings, teachers have already learned the basics steps of Polka and Polonez and after them came time to Wielkopolska’s dances. “Ceglorz” – the first Wielkopolska’s game, which teachers has met, faced with the great interest and happy to be danced by all.

Lecturers of the course are: Mrs. Jadwiga Banaś and Mr. Piotr Kulka, and to schedule accompanies Mrs. Barbara Florek.

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