10 / 09 / 22

A member of „Wielkopolanie” at the wedding carpet

na zdjęciu para młoda i osoby ubrane w stroje regionalne

On August 26, Agata Szulc – the violinist of the Folk Group “Wielkopolanie”, and Łukasz Tąta stood at the wedding carpet. The ceremony took place in the church of the Blessed Virgin Mary of the Assumption in Zbąszyń. The dancers of the group took part in the Holy Mass, adding splendor to it with colorful and dignified noble costumes. In front of the church door, a numerous band was waiting for the bride and groom, playing and singing, among others, the famous „W sini dół” song.


Young spouses work as nurses on a daily basis, but in their free time they willingly take part in various activities related to music and folklore. From an early age, Agata Szulc had contact with the folk music of the Region of the Goat, thanks to her father, who is a clarinet player in the “Wesele Przyprostyńskie” Regional Ensemble. She joined the ranks of “Wielkopolanie” in 2008. Since 2017, when she started her studies at one of the universities in Poznań, she joined the band of our ensemble in which she plays the violin to this day.


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