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Polish culture for international students

The month of February ended with another dance and educational success for the Folk Group "Wielkopolanie". Thanks to the cooperation with the ESN UAM Poznań Association, once again concerts and workshops for international students of the Adam Mickiewicz University took place.


During the concerts, students from all over the world had the opportunity to learn about polish national dances: polonez, mazur, krakowiak, kujawiak and oberek. Throughout specially prepared workshops, the participants took their first steps in the rhythms of these wonderful dances, and explored other topics of national culture such as detailed description of folk costumes and traditions in Poland. Among the performances of dancers and learning to dance, there was also time to learn more about the culture of the region that the students decided to visit - apart from proud and wonderful polish national dances, students could also try folk games from the region of Greater Poland: „brzuchaty”, „dupnik”, „ceglorz” or „szmyt”.


The idea behind conducting this type of concerts and workshops is the desire to spread polish culture among various nations of the world, with particular emphasis on folk dance, music and traditions. In addition, the event started the welcoming week for international students of AMU, which is a showcase of what young people will have the opportunity to see and try during their stay in Poland.