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XXII International Meetings of Carollers-Pipers

Traditionally, on the third Sunday of January, the musicians of the „Kuźnia Tradycji” took part in the XXII International Meetings of Carollers-Pipers, which took place in the church of st. Michael the Archangel in Połajewo. For the 22nd time, bagpipe bands from Wielkopolska, Mountains and abroad have met to celebrate the Christmas season together. Carolling began on Saturday, January 15: Jagoda Pawlak, Fryderyk Jankowski, Wojciech Ozóg, Karina Gąsiorowska and Jakub Sławiński played at the largest Bethlehem nativity scene in Europe, in the church of St. Franciszek Seraficki in Poznań. The large crowd was delighted with the variety of musical traditions and the range of unique instruments. After the meeting, the musicians moved to Połajewo, together with the carol singing melody, where they performed Christmas carols in nearby churches in Boruszyn, Tarnówek and Młynków during the mass.

The next day, the local nativity scenes were continued, and a solemn mass celebrated by Fr. Bishop Szymon Stułkowski in the parish church in Połajewo. It was attended by the Kuźnia Tradycji band consisting of: Karina Gąsiorowska and Jakub Sławiński. Paweł Zawadzki and Piotr Górecki also performed during the mass. It was a great event graced by numerous carol singing groups, unique and traditional music. After the mass, the carol singers went to the GOK Połajewo for the final concert. During the concert, all the invited bands presented themselves, including: Goliemite Gajdi from Bulgaria, Kolednici from the Czech Republic and Bethelemcy from Slovakia. The artists of the Forge of Tradition also received thunderous applause, especially Karina Gąsiorowska for the beautiful performance of the pastorals: "The North has already been" and "Rise to Dawid".

Meetings of carollers in Połajewo are one of the few events in Wielkopolska devoted to the Christmas theme embedded in the bagpipe culture. Therefore, it is worth continuing the annual tradition of this unique holiday. The fact is that the artists and the audience are eager to return to the next meetings.